Is it worth it to buy Artra?

Situated in District 3 at 10 Alexandra View, Singapore 158745, Artra is a newly launched condominium development comprising of 400 residential units, a supermarket, shops, and a childcare centre.

Furthermore, Artra Condo has many to offer for both investors and homebuyers – that’s for sure. But here’s the question: is it worth it to buy Artra? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So, here we’ll give you the pros and cons of this development to find out if its worth it to invest in Artra.

Pros of Living in Artra

Talking about the location, Artra indeed has a remarkable one. Located where the residents can effortlessly and quickly access transportation and multiple amenities, extreme convenience and satisfaction are possible.

Moreover, since the development is a mixed type, a supermarket is there to provide the homeowners a convenient and superb shopping experience. Also, this one is an ideal home for parents with children – a childcare centre is provided within the development.

In addition, the Redhill MRT Station is situated just right next to the project, providing the people, the residents, in particular, a quick, smooth and hassle-free commuting experience to the different parts of the city.

Cons of Living in Artra

Since the MRT is right at your doorstep which is above ground, expect track noise, especially for units facing the Tiong Bahru Road. Based on LTA regulations, for developments within 400m radius from the train station, developers can provide up to 20% less car park lots than the prevailing standard and as such carpark spaces are limited to 324 for Artra. As there are 400 units for this development, the possibility of competition for carpark space is there but based on experience on other projects with close proximity to MRT, carpark is usually under utilized.

As there are quite a few other condominiums around the neighborhood, competition for sale and rental can be higher. However being the latest, nearest to MRT and the only mixed development in the vicinity, Artra has its competitive advantages too.

Now that we understand the pros and cons of living in this latest development by Tang Group of Companies, a renowned property developer in Singapore, we can say that it’s certain that it is worth it to buy this condo. Living here will grant you the lifestyle, home, and environment you truly desire to have – that’s for certain!

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